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Am I an ENTRANCE or a RETURNING student?
You are an entrance student if you are 1) starting your first year of any full-time program at St. Lawrence College for the first time or 2) starting your first year of any full-time program at St. Lawrence College, even though you were enrolled in a different full-time program last year.

Returning: You are a returning student if you are 1) returning to St. Lawrence College to complete your second, third, or fourth year of a full-time program, or 2) are enrolled in a ONE year full-time program.

What if I want to apply to a specific award?

You do not need to apply for any one award directly; once you fill out the awards application you will be matched up to any award whose criteria you meet. To view these criteria, please visit Convocation Awards or In-Year Awards.

Can you provide some tips of what a student should include in the application?
We have a Tips section on our website.  Applying for Bursaries & Scholarships Tips

Will I receive a cheque in the mail?
No, your award/bursary funds will be automatically posted to your tuition, reducing your balance.
You can view your new tuition balance by logging into and clicking “My Account Inquiry” under “My HUB”.

If you have any difficulties, contact your academic school (where you paid your tuition) to find out your new account balance

What if my tuition is already paid?
After viewing your account through you will notice you have a credit on your account. Unless you want excess funds on your account to pay future student and tuition fees you can visit or contact your academic school and request that a tuition refund be issued to you. Please be aware that it may take 2 -3 weeks before you receive your refund.

Does my award/bursary have to go towards my tuition?

Your benefactor has generously donated the funds for this award/bursary to make sure students in financial need are able to complete their studies. To ensure this, our policy is to post award/bursary funds to tuition. That award/bursary remains on your account and any refund issued is a return of your own funds.

Do I have to inform OSAP that I received this award/bursary?
Any monetary awards must be reported if you are receiving OSAP this academic year. Please book an appointment with the OSAP office on your campus to update the award income in your account. For more information about Financial Aid/OSAP

Who do I contact if I have more questions?
Please contact our office at or call us:
Kingston: (613) 544-5400 ext. 1232
Brockville: (613) 345-0660 ext. 1232
Cornwall: (613) 933-6080 ext. 1232