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Field Light Information Session

2014-05-26, 1:25 PM

St. Lawrence College has a proposed plan to install lights on our (south) sports field at King and Portsmouth Avenue. The proposed lighting will allow us to extend playing time on the fields for an additional two hours and provide much needed field time for community, SLC sports teams, and students.

The public and college community are invited to join us for a brief information session to learn more about the proposed lighting plan.

SLC Field Light Information Session
May 28, 2014
6:00pm – 7:00pm

In the Alumni Fireside Room (SLC front entrance)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you installing lights?

The field is used predominantly from May until October each year. Currently the College has four varsity field teams that are forced to rent fields elsewhere during the fall because of limited daylight. There is also a lack of recreational programming for our students because of the lack of daylight hours in the fall. In addition, we have support from local clubs that require more field time and adding lights will give local kids and adults the ability to play and train more.

What type of lighting will be used for the field?

The College will be using Musco Green system with a visor to control light direction and light spillage. There will only be four light poles and the proposed light level will be 30 foot candle to help minimize glare. The natural grass field at St. Lawrence will absorb light better than synthetic fields.

When will the lights be used?

St. Lawrence will remain within the approved operating hours for sports fields under the current City by-law. No exceptions to the by-law are required. Maintaining the College field as a top level natural grass field is a priority to the College and as such will limit our ability to book the field. That said we will still have night programming, particularly in the fall as daylight diminishes. No bookings will occur after 11:00pm at which time the lights will be turned off via the automated system.

How will the lights be turned on and off?

St Lawrence will be installing a computerized control system. The lights will be turned on and off as required by the bookings for the field which will only occur until 11:00pm. This system also adds to energy efficiency by not burning unnecessary power.