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Looking to earn a few extra dollars and a Student Life Credit for what you already do? Consider Student Note-Taking!

Accessibility Services & Resourcesnote takingTaking better notes

Student Note-takers are assigned to take classroom notes for classmates who, because of a learning, physical, and/or mental health disability, struggle with or are unable to take their own notes. This support allows the student to focus on listening to the professor and on the information being delivered.

Students receiving notes from a Student Note-taker are registered with Student Wellness & Accessibility.

Become a Student Note-taker: 

  • Student Note-takers are classmates of the student and are familiar with the subject matter.
  • Student Note-takers are responsible for: recording the content of the classes in an organized and legible manner, being in good academic standing, attending class regularly and maintaining confidentiality.
  • Student Note-takers will receive a $75 gift card per course at the end of each semester upon successful completion of their duties.
  • Student Note-takers will also receive Student Life Credits for their services.

Students who are interested in becoming a Student Note-taker need to email Student Wellness & Accessibility for more information:
For Brockville students - click here
For Cornwall students - click here
For Kingston students - click here

Contact Us:

Kingston Campus: Hollee Harris,, ext. 1194

Brockville Campus: Brad Craig-Pettem,, ext. 3111

Cornwall Campus: Shawn McGregor,, ext. 2196