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Academic Support Centre Winter Challenges:

Week 1: Winter Challenge #1 | Super Challenge #1 | Week #1 Answers | Week #1 Super Answers

Week 2: Winter Challenge #2 | Super Challenge #2 | Week #1 Answers | Week #1 Super Answers

Week 3: Winter Challenge #3 | Super Challenge #3 | Week #1 Answers | Week #1 Super Answers

Week 4: Winter Challenge #4 | Super Challenge #4 | Week #1 Answers | Week #1 Super Answers


The Academic Support Centre is pleased to present the WINTER CHALLENGE. Each week during the month of March, we will be inviting SLC Staff and Students to enjoy fun games, riddles, puzzles, and more AND gain the chance to win some prizes. If you are looking for an extra challenge, you should also watch for the weekly bonus activity, the SUPER CHALLENGE!
Four weeks of fun weekly activities that are free for ALL members of the SLC community!
Winner Selection:
Draws will select the weekly winners of the Student Winter Challenge, Staff Winter Challenge, Student Super Challenge, and Staff Super Challenge from the pool of eligible entries.
All participants will also receive ballots in the Student Grand Prize Draw or the Staff Grand Prize Draw.
Weekly prizes: Free coffe or tea from the Cafe 
Student Grand Prize Draw: Student Survival Pack
Staff Grand Prize Draw: St. Larry’s Prize Pack


Pick up a copy of the contest: Weekly challenges will be posted on the Academic Support Centre Website and kept in hard copy at the Academic Support Centre in the Library.


Submit your entry: Enter the contest by dropping off the hard copy form at the Academic Support Centre (in your Campus Library in Brockville & Kingston, or on the third floor of Aulthouse in Cornwall) or by emailing it to
Note: Only participants will receive future contest emails, which include copies of the challenges and the announcement of winners!
Consult the back of the contest form for more complete contest rules, or feel free to direct any questions to the Academic Support Centre staff.
Good luck, and have fun!





Contact Us

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Cornwall Campus

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