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This pathway for Indigenous students will consider applications to highly competitive programs, placing less weight on background academic performance.
Applicants in this pathway must meet the minimum entrance requirements for their program choice(s) to be considered for a highly competitive program. Admission requirements vary across post-secondary programs at St. Lawrence College.

Click here to view our highly competitive programs.

Application Process

Applicants in this pathway must:

Proof of Indigenous ancestry required documentation (one of the following):

  • Status card
  • Band Membership card
  • Red card (Haudenosaunee Identification Card)
  • Certificate of Aboriginal Status
  • Membership card from the provincial affiliate of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples
  • Citizenship card issued by a Métis National Council governing member (for example, Métis Nation of Ontario, Métis Nation of Saskatchewan)
  • Land claim beneficiary card

Any questions related to the Facilitated Admission Process, should be directed to:
Indigenous Services
St. Lawrence College