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Career Services at St. Lawrence College logo Practice Job Interviews using Interview Stream

Career Services is pleased to offer students, faculty and alumni access to InterviewStream. InterviewStream is a 24/7, online interview tool that allows you to record practice interviews and receive feedback on your performance. If you are a student preparing for an upcoming interview, or seeking feedback on your interview style – InterviewStream is another Career Services tool to help you to be career ready!


  1. Go to: Career Services - InterviewStream (
  2. Click on the SIGN UP NOW button (or Register).
  3. Complete the Register for a New Account form. Click on Register to submit.
  4. From the home page, click on Conduct an Interview à Pre-Made Interview.
  5. Click on the image to Start Interview. The Connection Test should begin. Click through the Connection Test and follow the instructions to complete the interview.

You can also create your own custom interview from the 100’s of interview questions. Once complete, you can self-review, or send the video interview a career services advisor for feedback.

For more information or assistance with InterviewStream, please contact a Career Services Advisor at Thanks.

NOTE: The preferred browser for Interview Stream is Google Chrome. Firefox or IE 8 (or higher) is also acceptable. Technical support for the InterviewStream web site is available at  877-773-3164 from 8:00 am - 2:00 am EST or