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LiveScribe Smart Pen is an assistive device that allows students to record written and recorded notes. The smarten helps students to organize notes more effectively, increase their productivity, and decrease the time it takes to format their notes.


Livescribe Echo - Level 1   Livescribe Echo - Level 2  Livescribe Echo - Level 3
Introduction to the Smartpen  Write and record audio  Installing the Livescribe desktop
Getting to know the features  Recording using the headset  How to playback notes
Using the various settings  Using the paper relay controls  How to search notes
Checking the Status of the pen  Playback with the Nav plus  Create custom notebooks
Using the calculator function  How to annotate notes   Managing your audio sessions



Livescribe Echo - Level 4   Livescribe Sky - using Evernote  Livescribe - other helpful resources
 Introduction to pencasting  Sync pen to Evernote  Starting with Livescribe Connect 
 Send a file to your computer  The basics of Evernote  Connecting email to Livescribe
 Send a file to MyLivescribe  Search for notes in Evernote  Using the launch line feature 
 Send a file to Evernote  Share notes in Evernote  Naming your Smartpen
 Send a file to Facebook  Share notebooks in Evernote   Creating custom notebooks
 Send a file to Email  Tag & Filter notes in Evernote  Changing your pens password
 Send a file to Google docs     
 Creating customized shortcuts    
 Using smartpen Apps    
 Purchasing and installing Apps