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February 4th – 6th 2019


Miso Soup (v)
Garnished with wakame (seaweed), tofu, noodles and green onions


Shrimp Ravioli
with a lemon grass and kaffir lime cream sauce


Main Dishes

Potato and Herb Gnocchi with Crispy Onions (v)
Bound with a carrot juice and coconut milk cream

Beef Pot Roast with Yorkshire Pudding
With parsnips, heirloom carrots, potatoes, horseradish and roasted garlic

Bouillabaisse with Garlic Rouille
Shrimp, clams, mussels and fish in a saffron-scented tomato broth
with homemade grilled baguette

Dessert of the Day
$13.95 plus applicable taxes

Service Times: 11:45, 12:00, 12:15