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I am an international student. Can I go home now?

Each international student has a unique situation. Please contact your International Student Advisor on your campus to discuss your circumstance:

Brockville -  Jammie Bannon,
Cornwall - Francine Desnoyers,
Kingston - Carolina Palmer, or Laura Caldwell,

I am an international student in my last semester and will be applying for my post graduate work permit. Will this process change?

No, the process of you applying for your work permit is unchanged. Please contact your International Student Advisor for details on the documents you will need to apply.

If international students are done with our assignments, placements, quizzes before April 17th, can we accelerate the work permit process?

No. The term ends on April 17 and your official marks and letter of completion will not be available until the end of the term. Students should be following the lesson delivery plan indicated by their professor(s).

Are international students still only allowed to work 20 hours per week?

Yes, you are in Canada on a student visa. The terms of that visa are that as a full-time student, you can work up to 20 hours a week. That rule has not changed.

I am an international student completing a program this April at St. Lawrence College and I would like to apply to another program at SLC. What is the process?

Please contact the International Admissions office by emailing them at