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 It wasn't rape, so it wasn't sexual violence

Sexual assault and sexual violence encompasses a broad range
sexual activity. Any unwanted sexual contact is considered to be
sexual violence. A survivor can be severely affected by all forms
sexual violence, including unwanted fondling, rubbing, kissing,
or other sexual acts. Many forms of sexual violence involve no
physical contact, such as stalking or distributing intimate visual
recordings. All of these acts are serious and can be damaging.

 Sexual assault is most often committed by strangers

Someone known to the victim, including acquaintances, dating
partners, and common-law or married partners, commit
approximately 75% of sexual assaults.

 Sexual assault is most likely to happen outside in dark,
 dangerous places.

 The majority of sexual assaults happen in private spaces like a
residence or private home.
 If an individual doesn't report to the police, it wasn't sexual

Just because a victim doesn't report the assault doesn't mean it
didn't happen. Fewer than one in ten victims report the crime to
the police
 It's not a big deal to have sex with someone while are drunk,
stoned, or passed out
 If a person is unconscious or incapable of consenting due
to the use of alcohol, or drugs, they cannot legally give consent.
Without consent, is it sexual assault.