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Does my research require a review?

Any research project involving human participants conducted at St. Lawrence College or with St. Lawrence College resources requires St. Lawrence College Research Ethics Board (SLC-REB) Research Ethics Review. Enquiries can be directed to

External researchers, staff conducting independent research, and students should be especially aware of the need to contact the Research Department if they plan to recruit or engage people from the SLC community as participants for the purpose of collecting data to support a research project or study.

If you are just developing your research project, the offers a general guideline for what needs a SLC-REB Research Ethics Review or not.

Projects may be eligible for a Delegated Review if the proposed project:
• poses only a minimal risk to participants
• has a current approval status through another REB
• it is a continuation or resumption of a previously approved research study

Further guidance is also available through the SLC-REB Policy and Application Guideline. Further guidance is also available through the SLC-REB Review Process for Research Involving Human Participants.