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We are excited to announce the following five featured General Education courses for Fall 2017.

General Education courses expose students to disciplines outside their main field of study. Through General Education, students become more conscious of the diversity, complexity, and richness of human experience, and as a result, become able to contribute thoughtfully, creatively, and positively to their communities.

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship

"Digital Citizenship" is a new area of study that examines the ways in which we can engage in civic life through online communication. This course features an innovative video game component which will enable students to play a series of mini-gams that are designed to reinforce specific concepts covered in the weekly lessons. Students will begin their journey by creative their very own digital within the game and engage in meaningful discussions with peers on the nature of digital identities. Additional topics will include internet surveillance, personal health, netiquette, and digital democracy.

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The World of Astronomy

Astronomy course

Astronomy is the study of all which is beyond the Earth. This course examines the visible features of the sky: the Moon, The Sun, planets, stars, constellations, meteors and galaxies. Students learn how to "navigate across the night sky" by moving from constellation to constellation in a logical and progressive manner. In addition, students examine the content of key constellations in detail and develop skills in analyzing and explaining unique astronomical phenomena.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media is quickly changing the way that we market ourselves and our products. In this course, students will participate in a virtual internship with a fictitious company named 4Corp and will experience an engaging storyline where a CEO is taking you with specific social media marketing tasks. This course is linked to many business certificates and diplomas so make sure to contact your Program Coordinator if you are selecting this an as elective.

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Health Care Policy

Health Care PolicyThis graduate-level course provides an overview of the current federal and provincial policy impacting the operation and service delivery of health care in Ontario. Students will become familiar with the internal and external factors impacting policy decision making and implementation.

Students will explore different case studies using a fictitious health care integrated network known as SLCCare. This fictitious organization will provide students with an opportunity to engage in digital role playing by solving complex problems using existing resources.

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The world's oceans are spectacular in their beauty, majestic in their power, and domineering in terms of their effects on the world's climate. Oceans are a source of bountiful food and tremendous numbers and varieties of species. Our future, as humans, depends upon the oceans that surround each and every continent. This course examines the oceans from historical, geological, geographical, and biological perspectives. Through readings, research and presentations, students will discover the importance of caring for our oceans.

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