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Marine Emergency Duties

Available at: Kingston part-time


This course covers hazards and emergencies that can be encountered and how you should respond. Topics include: the theory of combustion; the proper use of onboard firefighting equipment and lifesaving appliances; techniques that increase your chances of survival in and on the water; appropriate conduct in a search-and-rescue operation as either the rescuer or the rescued; maintenance and use of rescue equipment, flares, smoke floats, slings, nets, radios, etc.; and managing passengers and panic in the face of an emergency. The three day course includes hand-on experience in the pool, with firefighting equipment and flares. Download the information document on this web page for important information you need in order to take this course.


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Program Name

Marine Emergency Duties

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MED - A2


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Kingston part-time

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Articulation & Credit Transfer Opportunities

Formal and informal pathways offer SLC graduates the chance to continue their studies with post-secondary institutions across Canada and around the world. Those that follow are specific to this program:

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    Program Contact

    Debbie Baker

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    Connect with a College Career Advisor:

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    Additional Information

    All participants are required to provide the College with a Candidate Document Number (CDN) and a signed medical certificate prior to taking the course. For more information about acquiring a CDN and important medical information, download the MED Important Course Information document below:

    Advanced Standing

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