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Literary Writing

Available at: Online part-time


The Literary Writing Certificate is for anyone who wants to explore his or her potential as a writer in a practical, constructive, and goal-oriented academic environment. You will begin the course by reviewing the basics of writing: the structure of language, major concepts in aesthetic criticism, and managing the writing process itself. While reviewing the basics, you will have an opportunity to read examples of different genres and discuss these with classmates with a view to developing a well-rounded appreciation of quality in creative writing. In the second half of the certificate you will concentrate on developing your writing style by producing works suitable for publication in your choice of genre. Once you have completed the certificate, you should have confidence in the merits of your completed and critically appraised writing projects and possess the skills needed to continue producing your best writing.

To successfully complete this program, participants must complete three (3) compulsory courses and two (2) electives.


  • For your convenience, some online courses can be started at different times throughout the semester, just choose the course date that fits your schedule.
  • The demand for part-time courses has increased to the point that we recommend you register early to ensure your acceptance into the course.
  • Online courses are easily identified by CS at the beginning of the course code (i.e. CSSE 65 Accounting Basics 1)
  • Textbooks and additional materials may be required for these courses. YOU are responsible for purchasing your textbooks and any additional materials for all courses. Please make a note of your course code (CS##) and see the bottom of this page for book order procedure.
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Graduates from the program may find employment opportunities  in Short Story Writing; as an online contributor; and proofreading and editing.

With this program you’ll be career ready. Discover your career options at

Program Name

Literary Writing

Program Code




Start Dates


Program Duration


Location (Campus)

Online part-time

Canadian Fees

International Fees

Additional Costs

Scholarships and Bursaries

Program Outline

Required courses
CSAL 80 Understanding Literature
CSAL 78 Writing Grammatically
CSAL 79 Essentials of Writing Fiction

Electives (Choose 2)
CSNC 44 Poetry Writing
CSMO 133 Romance Writing
CSAL 128 Writing Short Stories

Admission Requirements


Health Requirements

Articulation & Credit Transfer Opportunities

Formal and informal pathways offer SLC graduates the chance to continue their studies with post-secondary institutions across Canada and around the world. Those that follow are specific to this program:

    For details on Credit Transfer within Ontario please visit:


    I decided to enroll at St. Lawrence College because of the small class size, and high employment rate after graduation, and from my first day, I found welcoming classmates, engaged faculty, and a built-in community in the Office Administration program.  The College helped me by being my home away from home.  I was new to the Kingston area, and being at the College made me feel safe, with plenty of activities and studying to do.  I was able to sweat it out at the gym, study in the library, and even have a coffee in the Student Association lounge.  I eventually got a part-time bursary job as an Office Assistant working for various school offices within the College, which provided me with great hands on experience.  I was also able to obtain work experience through the program’s 2-week placements of our choice, which occurred at three separate times throughout my school year, where I was able to discover what I wanted to do with my career once I graduated.  I completed the Dual Office Administration course resulting in two diplomas upon graduation, one in Medical and one in Legal.  I found the experience to be life changing and I was very proud of what I had accomplished in such a short amount of time.  I wasn’t sure of which administrative field I wanted to go into, so by doing the dual program both within the 8 month period, I was able to see which field I liked best. 

    The Office Administration program provides its students with a great support system, continuous learning, and hands on experience with the most up-to-date technology and office software.  I was more ready than ever to enter into the workforce.  My placement opportunity allowed me to get a foot in the door and I was able to obtain full-time employment even before my official graduation ceremony.  I now work at one of Kingston’s largest law firms, with a solid foundation of administrative skills, and I can definitely say that the College made me “career-ready”.

    Julie Dacres

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    Advanced Standing

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