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General Arts and Science - English for Academic Purposes

Available at: Kingston


General Arts and Science – English for Academic Purpose (GAS-EAP) is a program designed for ESL students who wish to achieve high proficiency in English in order to pursue a career or studies in an English-speaking environment. It focuses on communicative competencies on all four language skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing. At the Advanced level, English is taught in an integrated manner with academic subjects to accelerate learning. The program also emphasizes knowledge of Canadian culture and society and the awareness of global issues. It allows students to reflect on their multiple identities and develop a strong sense of citizenship in an intercultural context. This knowledge, awareness and sense of citizenship enhances students’ employability by providing them with personal and professional growth, within a complex, multicultural and globalized world.

Students enrolled in the GAS-EAP program have full access to the fitness centre, library, cafeteria, computer labs, and more.


Taking academic classes while studying ESL: GAS-EAP is a post-secondary program. Students will take up to four credit courses, which are transferrable to their future studies at the College.

No TOEFL or IELTS required for admission into post-secondary programs at the College: When students graduate from the GAS-EAP (Advanced plus level) they receive an Ontario College Certificate. With an overall grade of 60, students can enter certificate and diploma programs; with an overall grade of 70, students can enter degree and graduate certificate programs without further English Language testing.

Development of skills: Students will develop cross-cultural communication skills and study skills in order to succeed in the workplace or in future studies.

Highly qualified, experienced teachers: All teachers are certified and have many years of teaching experience.

Small classes and personal attention: Everyone in the class is able to participate actively in pairs or groups.


Program Structure


There are two levels – Advanced, and Advanced Plus, each with two modules to complete. After completing both modules (A and B), you can progress to the next level or graduate with GAS-EAP certificate.


Teaching/Learning Methods

Speaking and Listening

Focus on pronunciation and oral practice

Note-taking and paraphrasing

Group discussion and pair work activities

Audio/video-based skills practice

Small group problem solving, case studies

Role-plays, games and presentations

Reading and Writing

Authentic reading materials from academic content

Instruction in advanced grammar and academic vocabulary building

Focus on writing process and learning strategies

Individual, pair and group work, including peer editing

Writing paragraphs, essays and research reports from reading


How long does it take to complete each level?

In the Advanced level, if you obtain over 80% in all four skill courses in the first module (A or B), you can progress to the Advanced Plus level. In such a case, it takes 7 weeks to complete a level.

In the Advanced Plus level, it takes 14 weeks to finish EAP and Academic courses.


Admission to Post-Secondary Programs

When students successfully complete the GAS-EAP program with a minimum of 60% in EAP courses, they meet the English language requirement for diploma and certificate programs at St. Lawrence College. If they achieve a minimum of 70% in EAP courses, they meet the English language requirement for Degree and Graduate Certificate programs. If successful, no further English testing would be required for admission to St. Lawrence College programs.

Start Dates:

Start Date
Placement Test
Class Begins
 April 2019
 April 22, 2019
 April 29, 2019
 June 2019
 June 17, 2019
 June 24, 2019
 September 2019
 August 26, 2019
 September 4, 2019
 October 2019
 October 21, 2019
 October 28, 2019


Program Name

General Arts and Science - English for Academic Purposes

Program Code



Ontario College Certificate

Start Dates


Program Duration

14 Weeks

Location (Campus)


Canadian Fees

Contact us to verify fees as they vary depending on season and duration: Liviya Xu, 613-544-5400, ext. 1410 or

International Fees

Contact us to verify fees as they vary depending on season and duration: Liviya Xu, 613-544-5400, ext. 1410 or

Additional Costs

Scholarships and Bursaries

Program Outline 2019-20

EASL 70A and 70B Advanced Reading
EASL 71A and 71B Advanced Writing
EASL 73A and 73B Advanced Speaking
EASL 30 Advance Language Lab Tutorial

Advanced Plus
EAP 80A Advanced English for Academic Purpose I
EAP 81B Advanced English for Academic Purpose II
GENE 29 Global Studies
GENE 305 21st Century Canada
GENE 165 Intercultural Communication
General Elective 1

Articulation & Credit Transfer Opportunities

SLC graduates have many options to continue their studies with post-secondary institutions across Canada and around the world. Agreements between SLC and other institutions that are specific to this program are listed below. In addition, there are many credit transfer pathway agreements between colleges and universities within the province of Ontario. Please also visit to search for options relevant to your program area of study.

    Admission Requirements

    - English language skills at the Intermediate Level

      St. Lawrence College

     Pre-Intermediate  30 3.0
     30-40 250
     Intermediate  50  4.0  41-52  405  3-4
     Advanced  60  5.0  53-64  550  4-5
     Advanced Plus
     70  5.5  64-77  605  6

    - High school diploma or at least 19 years old prior to start of the program.


    Health Requirements


    Keeping the customer engaged is the fundamental need of any business today.  The UX program at SLC allows students to understand several design theories and put ideas into practice.  Graduating from this program, students will feel confident entering the work force, ready to add value to any team.

    Jeff Parks, Senior Management Consultant, Co-owner, Kina'ole Management Consulting Company

    Program Contact

    Admissions Information

    Connect with a Student Recruitment Officer:

    International Students Contact:

    Additional Information

    Students are tested upon enrollment for placement in the appropriate level. Upon arrival at the College, students will have an oral and written assessment of their English skills and will be placed at the appropriate level.

    Advanced Standing

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