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Brick and Stone Masonry - Apprenticeship

Available at: Kingston


Level 1 Apprenticeship: Program Code 1072
Level 2 Apprenticeship: Program Code 1073
Level 3 Apprenticeship: Program Code 1074

The Brick And Stone Masonry program includes the in-school training of the Brick and Stone Masonry Apprenticeship Program as defined by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development. The Brick and Stone Masonry Apprenticeship in-school training focuses primarily on the theoretical knowledge required to master the performance objectives of the Training Standards for this trade.

Apprentices are required to complete three levels of in-school training together with the required on-the-job or practical components of the trade (approximately 5 years). Upon successful completion of all the contract requirements, apprentices are eligible to write the Certificate of Qualifications Red Seal exam for Brick and Stone Masonry.

This program is funded in part by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development.




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Program Name

Brick and Stone Masonry - Apprenticeship

Program Code



Statement of Achievement (Basic,Intermediate) / College Certificate (Advanced)

Start Dates

See Additional Info

Program Duration

8-week blocks

Location (Campus)


Canadian Fees

The apprentice will be required to pay classroom and administrative fees. 

Please contact the Skilled Trades Office 613-544-5400, ext. 1376 or toll free 1-866-826-3338.

International Fees

Additional Costs

Scholarships and Bursaries

Program Outline 2017-18

MASN 110 Tools & Equipment
MASN 111 Materials & Safety Equipment
MASN 112 Engineering, Building & Safety Code
MASN 113 Worksite Preparation
MASN 114 Acclimatize Worksite
MASN 115 Clean and Disassemble Worksite
MASN 116 Wall Systems Accessories
MASN 117 Mortar
MASN 118 Masonry Unit Preparation
MASN 119 Job Layout
MASN 120 Structural Masonry
MASN 121 Non-Structural Masonry

MASN 201 Engineering, Building & Safety Code
MASN 202 Grout
MASN 203 Job Layout
MASN 204 Masonry Preparation
MASN 205 Materials & Safety Equipment
MASN 206 Mortar
MASN 207 Non-structural Masonry
MASN 208 Structural Masonry
MASN 209 Temporary Masonry Supports
MASN 210 Tools and Equipment
MASN 211 Wall Systems Accessories
MASN 212 Waterproof Below Grade

MASN 301 Use & Material Tools & Equipment
MASN 302 Use Material Handling & Safety Equipment
MASN 303 Engineering, Building & Safety Code III
MASN 304 Temporary Masonry Supports II
MASN 305 Wall Systems Accessories III
MASN 306 Mortar III
MASN 307 Masonry Unit Preparation III
MASN 308 Job Layout II
MASN 309 Structural Masonry III
MASN 310 Non-structural Masonry
MASN 311 Fireplace and Chimney
MASN 312 Restoration Masonry

Admission Requirements

For all three levels of training the apprentice must be currently:

  • sponsored by an employer;
  • registered with the Ministry Advanced Education and Skills Development; 
  • registered with the Ontario College of Trades.


Health Requirements

Not applicable

Articulation & Credit Transfer Opportunities

Formal and informal pathways offer SLC graduates the chance to continue their studies with post-secondary institutions across Canada and around the world. Those that follow are specific to this program:

    For details on Credit Transfer within Ontario please visit:


    I always knew from a child that I wanted to be a Paramedic, I loved the thought of helping people in times of need. I chose SLC because of its smaller atmosphere, I felt like people actually got to know each other rather than just being a number at a giant college. The Paramedic Program staff at SLC were amazing, you could tell they were truly passionate about what they do and they don’t just clock in and clock out to get paid.

    The Paramedic Program was extremely challenging and pushed me in every way. I am so happy I chose to do the Paramedic Program at SLC because it prepared me for the real world. I moved to Alberta right after school, it was always my dream to live out west, I knew this previous to starting college. It was a rough start when I first got out here, the work was scattered all over and the province is very different in many ways, it took some getting used to. I started working as an Industrial Medic the summer after I graduated in 2010. I worked very hard for two years and put in a lot of hours I was able to get on with a company in 2013 called Advanced Paramedic Ltd. (APL) as the logistics coordinator, I since then have been promoted to Industrial Medical Supervisor and oversee about 20+ medics in the field.

    St. Lawrence College provided me the tools to succeed in my current role. I would never have been prepared for the work load in the field if it wasn’t for Dan Shannon pushing me to do my best at all times. Going to SLC was the best decision I made, it opened the doors to where I am today and I like where I am today a whole lot!

    Pam Secord
    Industrial Medical Supervisor
    Advanced Paramedic LTD (APL)

    Pam Secord

    Program Contact

    Dave Ottenhof

    Recruiting Contact

    Connect with a College Career Advisor:

    International Students Contact:

    Additional Information

    Program Length: 8-week blocks x3.

    Current Grant Opportunities

    This program is considered a Red Seal trade (see ). Apprenticeship grants are designed to make a career in the trades an attractive choice and encourage more apprentices to complete their training. Eligible apprentices could receive up to $4,000, which can be used to pay for tuition, travel, tools, or other expenses.

    As per the Service Canada website, registered apprentices who have successfully finished their first or second year/level (or equivalent) in one of the Red Seal trades can apply for the Apprenticeship Incentive Grant (AIG), which is a taxable cash grant of $1,000 per year/level up to a maximum of $2,000. And, registered apprentices who have completed their training and become a certified journeyperson in a designated Red Seal trade and who obtain either the Red Seal endorsement or a provincial or territorial Certificate of Qualification can apply for the Apprenticeship Completion Grant (ACG), which is a taxable cash grant of $2,000. For more information visit


    For start dates contact the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities Apprenticeship & Client Services.

    Contact your local office of the Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities:

    135 North Front St
    Belleville, Ontario, K8P 3B5
    Tel: 613-968-5558 
    or 1-800-953-6885 
    Fax: 613-968-2364

    132 Second Street East, Suite 202,
    Cornwall, Ontario,
    K6H 1Y4
    Tel: 613-938-9702
    or 1-877-668-6604
    Fax: 613-938-6627

    299 Concession Street, Suite 201,
    Kingston, Ontario,
    K7K 2B9
    Tel: 613-548-1151
    or 1-866-973-4043
    Fax: 613-548-4120

    Advanced Standing

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