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Why study English at St. Lawrence College?

Strong English skills are the foundation for your academic and career success. The College provides two programs with a total of four levels and you can start at any level based on your proficiency.  The programs offer an enriching English experience with authentic readings, audio and video segments, activities and exercises designed to build vocabulary, text comprehension and pronunciation. There will also be opportunities to learn about Canadian culture and the local area through meaningful experiences in the community, including field trips to various historical and cultural sites.

Our supportive faculty, state-of-the-art classrooms, and multimedia centres are fully equipped to help you as a non-native speaker of English to practice and improve your English skills in class and online. You will be in small classes with highly experienced teachers and learning with students from all around the world.

Two programs

ESL Pre-Academic (ESL): This program includes Level 1 Pre-Intermediate, and Level 2 Intermediate. Successful Completion of Pre-Academic Level 1 and Level 2 earns you a Statement of Achievement and allows you to take the English for Academic Purposes program.

General Arts and Science English for Academic Purposes (GAS-EAP): This programs include Level 3 Advanced and Level 4 Advanced Plus. Successful completion of English for Academic Purposes Levels 3 and Level 4 will meet the requirements to get into most programs at St. Lawrence College, and you will earn an Ontario College Certificate.


ESL & EAP pathways


You will take a mandatory placement test. No prior testing is required to register in the ESL program. However, if you have done an international English test, your score may be used for placement. The table below list the entrance level for each level. 

  St. Lawrence College Placement  
 30 3.0
 Intermediate  50 4.0  41-52  405
 Advanced  60 5.0  53-64  550
 Advanced Plus
 70 5.5  64-77  605



Academic Credits While Studying English

Once you reached the Advanced Level, you are in the GAS-EAP program. It is an academic program. You will earn academic credits that can be transferred to your further studies at the College.

Small Classes and Tutorials

All our classes are small (20 students) and taught by highly qualified and experienced professors. There are also tutorials where you can practice more and get one-on-one help.

No TOEFL or IELTS required

When you finish the Advanced or Advanced Plus, you have meet the language proficiency requirement for admission into post-secondary programs at the College. No further testing is required.