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Faculty at Ontario’s 24 Colleges – including St. Lawrence College – are currently on strike. A strike by faculty means all classes are cancelled until the strike ends.

St. Lawrence College remains open and most services – including residence and food services – will continue.

There is no cause for alarm. You are able to stay in your current accommodation during this strike period. In 50 years of college history, there have only been three strikes and no student has ever lost a semester due to a strike.

We encourage you to please stay focused on your studies.

Below please find information about study permits, travel, and other questions you might have about what happens in the event of a strike. We will continue to update you with information.

Please let us know if you have any questions or if you require further information. You can contact Laura Caldwell at You should also read Strike FAQs for Students.

What is a strike and what does it look like?

A strike is a legal work stoppage. It is used in Canada by labour unions when trying to negotiate work terms with employers. In this case, faculty, counselling staff and librarians at St. Lawrence College stop working. The union has set up picket lines at the entrances to the College. A picket line is a form of protest and a way of drawing public attention to workplace issues the union would like to address. Typically, union members on the picket line share information on their concerns and try to discourage students and staff from crossing into the College.

How long will the strike last?

A strike began at 12:01 on Monday, October 16. The strike will end when the union and the employer reach agreement on a new employment contract. The length is unknown but will be resolved as soon as possible.

What happens to my Study Permit status?

You are legally entitled to stay in Canada during a strike. You must abide by the same Study Permit Guidelines.

What if I need to extend my study permit while a strike is going on?

The Government of Canada will still process Study Permit extensions during a faculty strike. Follow this link to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for specific information:

Am I allowed to work during a strike?

According to IRCC, students can continue to work up to 20 hours per week but may not work full time. Follow the link for full information:

Will a faculty strike have a negative effect on my Study Permit, or my Post Graduate Work Permit?

No, there should be no negative implications on your immigration documents as long as you follow the guidelines and keep your documents valid. Some additional documentation will be needed for your applications. You may visit the international office at St. Lawrence College for help with this.

Can I travel home during a Faculty Strike?

Yes, you may travel. However, please remember that the length of a strike is unknown and we are hopeful it would not last long. Keep this in mind when considering travel.

Will the school and services available remain open?

Yes. The College will be open and regular services are available.

Will the College hold additional events or activities for us?

Yes, we will keep students updated regarding additional activities.

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