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Recommended On-Line Resources on Mental Health

A number of excellent on-line resources are already available dealing with mental health in the post-secondary context; these are described below.


University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Mindsight (UOIT)

Developed by Wendy Stanyon, Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, Mindsight is an educational resource designed to promote awareness of mental health and reduce stigma. The program requires approximately two hours to complete.  Mindsight describes the signs and symptoms of common mental illnesses.  It provides strategies and resources for assisting a person (including a family member, friend or colleague) who is experiencing mental health challenges, as well as treatment options and available community resources. 

Starting the Conversation

Algonquin College

Starting the Conversation: Raising our Awareness of Student Mental Health (Algonquin College Faculty Training Module)

Starting the Conversation: Resource Booklet (Algonquin College Faculty Training Module, PDF)

This video is a collaboration between Algonquin College and the Canadian Mental Health Association and requires approximately one hour to complete. Starting the Conversation is designed to help faculty better understand their role in supporting students with mental health problems. The focus is on a themed approach for instructor-student conversations. Professors discuss their desire to be supportive and students with mental health problems describe how they manage their mental health while attending college.