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Goals of the Form

The goals of the Behaviours of Concern form are (i) to provide a template for institutions to develop skills and awareness among faculty in dealing with specific behaviours of concern, (ii) to provide members of faculty with a handy “reference guide” for responding effectively and compassionately.  For each of the behaviours listed, the form (once completed), provides information regarding how the faculty member ought to respond.  Extra behaviours were added to the form to reflect the colleges’ new sexual assault and sexual violence policy. The information regarding responses will be specific to each institution using the form. The list of behaviours in the Form is drawn in part from the model provided by the University of Minnesota, Duluth and from situations described by faculty members in focus groups and in survey responses. 

More details about the form and its implementation are discussed on page 24-25 of the Recommendations document. (link to pdf document)

Behaviours of Concern form