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2016-2017 Annual Report

From the Chair of the Board of Governors and the President and CEO of St. Lawrence College:

It is an exciting year to be part of the St. Lawrence College community!

We are celebrating the 50th Birthday of the College system in Ontario, a half-century since our students attended their first course. Much has changed, but the St. Lawrence College community remains firmly committed to our strategic plan and our values: Students First, Integrity, Teamwork and Innovation. This commitment is clearly seen through our many successes.

Our international enrolment is soaring, giving students around the world an opportunity to work together to prepare for entry into a global workforce.

SLC’s Kingston campus is undergoing the largest expansion in college history with renovations to the existing campus combined with construction of a new Student Life and Innovation Centre. Over the summer, libraries on all three campuses will be modernized.

College finances are in a position of historic strength.

The 2017 Key Performance Indicators demonstrate SLC’s continued success serving our students and as a provincial leader in post-secondary education. The quality of our graduates resulted in SLC receiving a perfect score this year from employers who were satisfied or very satisfied with the students they hired.

The future is bright for St. Lawrence College and for our students. That is due entirely to the hard work, teamwork and dedication of our staff, faculty and students.  We look forward to working with all of you in the months ahead.

Michael Adamcryck, Chair, St. Lawrence College Board of Governors

Glenn Vollebregt, President and CEO, St. Lawrence College

Download the 2016-2017 Annual Report (PDF)

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